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The Bay Area Video Coalition was party to the latest iteration of real world harassment.  But it goes back to much further.

Barnes and Noble in San Bruno was a store I helped stock and open.  The presiding party was a one Mariah Bollelo.  Additional parties involved were Sean McBride, Serena Canon, Margaret Yamane, Reggie Bowman, and pretty much the entire staff of the store save for some of the cafe personnel and one or two (or a handful) of people who manned the cash registers.  It became apparent that much of the store staff was aware that I was going through some process.

I assumed it was an extension of an investigation of my road rage.  Everyone there had some kind of performance art background, or were law enforcement or private security.  

Again, I thought it would be over by the end of the semester as I finished my degree at SF State.  But again, here we are in 2016, soon to be 2017 in a few months time.  

It seems to me that someone stated that I was suffering from some condition far severe than simple depression.  Additionally, the process went something like this; give me challenges, try to get me to form friendships and feel comforted in the job, see that I've shaken off all notions of being investigated by either the CHP or local PD for road rage, then push my buttons, try to set me up with some female, and then pose a managerial opening at said job due to the fictional "fact" that one of the assistant managers had died in an auto accident while on the way to work.

Does this pertain to me?  Doubtful, but it's posed as a spectre of something that may have happened.  I imagine the idea is that I either "crack" and confess to causing an accident (which I did not do), or accept the position and shack up with the woman presented as a romantic interest.

Twelve years of it.  And I will throw the entire staff of either BAVC or any previous job behind bars for cooperating with the effort.

SEARS at Hillsdale; similar situation.  Coyote Point Museum, again similar.  Orchard Supply Hardware in Millbrae, and Home Depot in San Mateo / Foster City, as well as other jobs.  Home Depot was most interesting as the manager at the time seemed to be hand picked for some very disgusting sexual purpose pertaining to me.  Most reprehensible.  

Additionally; I actually met what I believe to be the "mastermind" behind the effort.  I'm guessing he's a senior director at some mental health institute, and he did pose as a manger of the Foster City Safeway in 2013 when I worked there.  A large portly man who condescended and treated me as a mental patient.  

I don't mind stating in this journal that I should have knocked him on his ass, and then some.  Truth be told I should have called the police, but didn't think of it.  I was of the opinion that the police were aware I was being harassed, and probably knew about this individual.  Ditto with the Department of Consumer Affairs for the State of California, and that one of those entities would intervene on my behalf.  They never did.

It was then that I fired off an angry email at one of the parties I thought involved in the harassment; Dr. Nancy Kalish of Sacramento, host of Lost Lovers.  How I came to her website is another story for another journal entry.

Lastly, a good deal of the effort seems to stem from, of all places, Saudi Arabia.  I've gotten many a spoof or scam phone call from that nation.  Said phone calls seem to be abated when "I feel better"; i.e. I get harassed when I'm depressed with the strategy that I will lose my cool to the point of being required to call in authorities to deal with me, with the result that I am paired with some woman I do not know, or may have fantasized about, but am otherwise not inclined to get involved with.

Therefore someone is breaking the law to "get me hooked up".  

I will state here and now that I will physically reject said female on every level, irregardless of who she is.  And the level of interference in my life does not balance with any "hear's desire", this is in addition the racism I experience on game servers, stalking, invasion of privacy of my email, phone calls, and I suspect illegal entry of my home and interviewing of past friends and acquaintances.

Much of this seem to begin at Barnes and Noble in 2005 and 2007, and even up to this day, continues; i.e. loose references to matters or interests in my life, as well as mimicking of personal behavior, which tells me that said invasion of privacy had some other purpose, but whatever it is, is criminal on every level.

Again I blame the Foster City police department for ignoring me and seeing me through three suicide attempts.  The situation at BAVC is thus; one "receptionist" I suspect is actually a nurse, possibly from out of the country, while one of the instructors is possibly the son or some relation of a local film maker or one out of Los Angeles.  All the while there's another individual, I believe, pretending to be a free lance still photographer.  I single these people out because they do seem to take an unreasonable interest in my person ... almost cult like in their approach.  

Again, it's criminal behavior with intent.

Enough said.
This person stated in text chat "Life is like a box of niggers"…

I debated someone on another website about what a scum bag Hitler was, and did a casual search on the former Austrian's bio, specifically what led up to his psychological demise.  And, wouldn't you know it, a player logs on calling himself;…

More to come...
A few weeks back I went down to San Carlos to grab somethings out of storage.  As I entered the left hand turn lane a vehicle, with a child, aggressively cut in front of me to make the same turn.  As I was checking my things in storage one of the employees, who has given me leery looks in the past, coincidentally came to my area and seemed interested in what I was doing--perhaps gauging if I was carrying any anger from the incident.

It is my judgment that neither he nor one of the female employees there are natives of this country, and possibly were asked to harass me to some end.  Paranoid?  Considering what I've been through, no.

I will, however, stipulate that other than perhaps one or two other incidents, it's been a long time since I was deliberately harassed on the road.  And no, I don't consider every bad driver who cuts me off to be deliberately harassing me.  But this incident had those earmarks.  I'm just sorry I didn't get the guy's plate number and pass it onto the CHP as per the suggestion of both the CO (Captain) at the Redwood City office, and the CO at the San Francisco district area office at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Again, to reiterate, no law enforcement agency is "out to get me".  But there is a third party that is acting illegally under some guise to harass me on and off the road, including online gaming (the links to suspected parties I've already posted).  

I personally find it exceptionally extraordinary.  Someone's dumped a lot of resources into my person, and I intend to discover them, their purpose and bring them before a judge.

Additionally, as of yesterday afternoon there seems to be a real concerted effort to get me to go camping.  My camping days are over, and I'll only go with a large organized group.  I've no desire to go camping, and am suspicious as to why the effort is being made to suggest it to me.  But, all I can do it note it, then move on to other things.
The following players recited my search results over the last 24 hours in game;………
Spoke with my health professional today.  She spoke about the poor choice of drinking Coke.  I haven't had a coke in over a month now, but admittedly had binged on the stuff earlier in the year.  Did someone talk to her about my past health and eating habits?

Just another strike on the harassment meter.

I had a curious interaction last month with an individual near Ghiradelli Square.  A man of middle eastern extract asked me the easiest way to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, and if he could walk it.  You could, but from Ghiradelli square you'd get sore feet.  I suspect the man may have been a "health expert" who brought me to my current condition.



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