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Let's hope it goes away completely.  what an ordeal.

These bastards, whoever they are, have completely destroyed my life, and continued to even during my efforts to rebuild my own life.

Odds are after I post this there'll be some more shots taken at me.  Just watch.
Or has been working, or worked, and may continue to do so;

The idea is to get me to stop playing games, or to get so fed up as to not play games anymore.  For an RTS game it typically starts out with an ally dropping from the game just over a minute has passed.  He does this to give the opposition a chance to win, and to torpedo his allies "ELO" rating, or ranking.  I'm too lazy to look up what exactly "ELO" stands for, but it's a running score of how good you are in a game.

So far over the last week, I have had a staggering over three dozen allies just drop for this very reason alone.  A statistical impossibility.

The other form of non-active or passive game harassment is to just hog your stuff, or not come when you call for help, or just play like you don't know how in spite of your score.

I remember a one Dale Mc*** from way back in 2005 who said that someone screwed over his campaign.  Said Dale, I suspect, was probably CHP, and was following some psychiatrists order to put on the act of being a border alcoholic and suspicious that everything was rigged against him in games.  He was also one of the most high energy actors I had ever come across.  The man is scum.  The concept here being that somehow I would interact with I'm and absorb his example of what to do and what actions to take when I felt myself unfairly taken advantage of in gaming, when I should be involved in romance and maybe raising a family with a wife.

Ergo, the harassment I've experienced on game servers, notably the blatant racism on game servers that have voice communications (usually an FPS game) is an extension of that interaction.

The NEW form of harassment is just patently bad advice and instruction, all courtesy of Stanford Psychiatry and UC Santa Cruz (UCLA and UC Berkeley possibly).  I walled a section of the map to prevent being rushed, and my ally, who had a higher ELO rating, asked me why I was walling on an island map (the map had the appearance of being islands, which means building a navy as opposed to an army).  In short, he told me not to, and I got my ass kicked all over again for the umpteenth time.

I'm good at games.  I truly am.  But perpetual harassment for over a dozen years by students, and a lack of action by both the CHP and FCPD when I was harassed and threatened on the phone and on the road, is unacceptable.  And now I'm still being harassed on line as a means of taking passive jabs at me.

"Well gee, Mister Blue Jedi, you sound suspicious."

You bet your ass I am, because I was deliberately harassed for over 12 years. 

In school at SF State when I was finishing my film degree
At jobs with the same old formula over and over again; everyone's happy and smiling, then I get the jabs, forced to quit, and move onto another job, all the while there's some goddamn ugly ass middle eastern bitch in the wings as a romantic interest.  FYI, I'm an American.  I don't go for obstinate, stupid, ugly, big nosed, bad attitude females from over seas.
And, of course, on the road.  The most infamous being the incident I described a few log entries ago.

I blame the following;
Dr. Ross
Dr. White
former FCPD chief Craig Courtin
SMPD chief Manheim

And every single fucking bastard who was involved in this.  Which, I'll include, personnel involved with Kublacon the past summer at the SFO Hyatt.

You better fucking stop.


I was tower rushed by this player in Age of Kingdoms.  Not unusual in and of itself, but it is nearly statistically impossible to have over several dozen dropped games in a row, and get double teamed by nearly the same number of games, AND on top of that get rushed. 

Normally you're supposed to have a competitive game, but having dropped players, getting rushed, getting deliberate racial slurs, and everything else, leads one to believe that it's deliberate.

Like I said.  You better fucking stop.

p.s. to the piece of shit student at the rope/chain station at San Mateo Home Depot, I know who you are, and you're going to pay for this.
The two allies I have listed here would not fight.  I'm guessing and suspecting it's just another attempt to stop me playing games.  Sorry.  Not going to happen, if that's the case.……
I had a smattering of suspected jabs taken at me on the Age of Kingdoms' Steam Game server.  But no one's harassed me in the real world.  No one's tried to bait me anywhere.  No one's (save one guy) has tried to show how friendly he is, and then say something bitterly insulting to my person.  

I did not sign up for this.  I don't care what release I put my name to with whatever doctor (Ross or White), I did not sanction having my net and driving monitored, nor for someone to harass me out of my life.

I want my house back.
I want my car back.
I want everything I lost, back.

Now that I've had to vent and damaged my reputation beyond belief with this, and now that it has the appearance of chasing the demons away (provided by UCLA, UC Berkeley and Stanford), maybe I can live my life the way I want.

Apologies to the contractors and other people I've paid and have interacted with to get my projects done, but it has been 12 years of absolute hell, and law enforcement would not help.  Well, it seems to be over with, and if it isn't, then I'll knock whoever on their ass.
In the Age of Kingdoms lobby, as I type this, this user;…

labels his games as follows; "SIEG HEIL DEATH TO JEWS AND NI__ERS WILL BURN IN HELL"

I've reported him two or three or more times, but no action has been taken against his account.  Is he intentionally harassing my person to see if he can get a rise out of me?  Possibly, but either way, for those who are a little more forward thinking you know that this is insulting to the core to all humankind regardless of who you are.



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